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Calling Out to the LGBTQ Community!!!!!!


Idk how many people I’ll actually be able to reach on here (since I’m a noob at Tumblr), but if ANYONE, ABSOLUTELY ANYONE who comes across this who is apart of the LGBTQ community or Ally or knows people who are, I have a favor to ask!!!

I’m planning an event for my college that involves the spreading of shoes across campus in the Spring for a week. Each shoe will have a tag on it. On one side it will say, “Be me for a Day.” The other side will have either an anonymous but true experience from someone (these experiences come from people of all races, ages, sexes, orientations, identities etc.) or proven statistic or fact about issues that our community faces. An example for me would be:

"In my shoes as a lesbian, after cutting my hair that was midway down to my chest, to up above my ears, I’ve been misgendered 9 times within the first 2 months after."

Though I’m going to get help from the organization I’m involved with on campus, Helping Others Promote Equality (HOPE), I think it’d be really cool if I got experiences from other people across the nation and the world from other colleges and universities or anyone who has an experience that might not be heard often.

If you would like to anonymously share an experience with me that has happened to you strictly because of your orientation OR openness as a supporter of gay rights PLEASE don’t be afraid to send me something! It would mean the world to me, and hopefully if I get this event idea approved by the Dean YOUR voice will be heard at my college! BUT if you don’t want to/aren’t sure if you want to contribute REBLOG LIKE IT’S YOUR JOB! I’m a little pebble compared to popular bloggers who are the size of redwood trees, and i’ll need all the help I can get. I so badly want to put on this event, and because i care so much about my fellow gays and supports i’m gonna make this thing BIG. I believe that knowledge is power, and all i want to do is share stories about issues that our society faces. The gay side that is.


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